Management Services


Panorama Homes Network is a wellknown and respected company through 12 years. Our keywords are service, credibility and communication. We have several work areas - that we manage to perfection. We can manage your complexes, take care of everything, from A-Z including the General Asemmblys, according to the turkish law. Apart from that we also offer service packages, so that you, when you are not here in Turkey can relax, because we take care of everything here. We pay your bills, check your house, have the contacts to authorities, insurance companies and so on. We are a multilingual company, who speaks Scandinavian languages, Dutch, German, English. Our service personel who come to your complexes also speaks English. As a new feature this year we start renting out holiday houses. If you rent a holiday house through our company you can use our services - for example rent a car, transfer, cleaning, laundryservice. You are always welcome to visit us in our office - where we can assist you with whatever you wish.