When we are following only deed work on request, this is our fee. All extra costs in connection with a follow up, will be paid by clients.
1500,00 €
Preparing Sales Contract
For preparing on demand a sales contract between two parties, this is our price
750,00 €
Providing with housing (ISKAN)
Fee to follow up Iskan work in the municapility. In this price also having the water and electric abonments are included. These are only our service fee’s. All other expenses and taxes will be demanded from the clients.
500,00 €
Residence Permit (İkamet Tezkeresi)
When we will get only a RP for some other client , this is our fee.
100,00 €
To Subscribe Water Meter
To make water subscrition in client’s name ( Power of Attorney needed. )To make name change on client’s water meter.
100,00 € + 100,00 €
To Subscribe Electric Meter
To make electric subscription in client’s name ( Power of attorney needed. ) To make name change on client’s electric meter.
100,00 € + 100,00 €
Telephone Abonment App.
Only our service fee for helping the client to have a telephone line. Residence permit and P.O.A. required
50,00 €
ADSL Abonment App.
Only our fee for helping client to have an ADSL connection. Residence permit and P.O.A. required.
50,00 €
Telephone Installation
This is to help to make the telephone line connection to apartment from main lines box of complex
50,00 €
ADSL Installation
This is making the setup of the modem and computer for internet connection
50,00 €
Housing Administration
Up to 30 units (monthly price)More than 30 units, price per unit per month will be
300,00 € + Tax - 10,00 € + Tax
Staff for Complexes
Standart workers price
Ask for price
Preparing House Rental Contract
Only contract preparation for client Preparing contract and monthly following the rent collection
100,00 € + 50,00 € + %10 of monthly rent
Showing property of our customers to 3rd parties or lending key
In case the customer wants us to show their apartment to any third party or they want us to deliver their key to a third party to somewhere it is the price.
20,00 €
Service to non-customers
Service fee on top of other cost
30,00 €
Handy Man Service
The price is per hour for the work of the handy man
25,00 €